Why are Pakistani Suits so popular in India?

Why are Pakistani Suits so popular in India?

Pakistani Suits have been the talk of the fashion town in recent times. With their high demand, designers are always working towards creating new, innovative designs. Collections from brands like Khaadi, Gul Ahmed, Charizma, Maria B, Sana Safinaz, Anaya, Adan's Libas, Tawakkal are just as revered in India as they are in Pakistan. Pakistani Suits are also called ‘Pakistani Lawn Suits’ and the Lawn Fabric that is used for these, is manufactured in Pakistan. The market has since spread across the globe.

With trendy designs, and a Kameez longer than usual traditional suits, Pakistani Suits have well made their way into the hearts of Indian Women as well. During the mid-2000s, Pakistani dramas were broadcasted on Indian Television channels and Indian audiences immediately adored them. The format of the shows appealed to Indian audiences, along with the stories that were relatable, concise and interesting. Another factor that stood out was the fashion. Indians were fascinated with the fresh take on traditional suits and trends like straight pants started being introduced, along with the Pakistan design styles. This move turned out to be a massive component in Pakistani Suits and fashion being popularized and the market expanded.

The unique designs and styles also stood out to the Indian public. The Lawn Suits also have a lot to offer. The fabrics are light, airy, breathable, making them a go-to for all seasons, particularly in the summers. Along with its comfort, its universal reach is also a factor, with brands shipping all over the globe, keeping Pakistani Suits relevant and in trend. Pakistani Suits also cater to people from all socio-economic backgrounds with a wide price range.This makes it affordable for people from many socioeconomic backgrounds. The broad term "Pakistani Lawn Suit" covers everything from the simple and elegant printed cotton lawn for daily usage to the elaborately embroidered party clothing. The cost of a suit set varies depending on the style, pattern, and fabric quality. Lawn suits provide and appeal to everyone, from luxury apparel to regular wear.

Pakistani drama characters and their simplicity and relatability were cherished among Indian audiences and these shows provided what Indian audiences have been missing in the clothes and fashion in these were loved and desired by everyone across the country. The high demand made for a simplified purchasing experience and made Pakistani fashion accessible for all.

Bollywood stars undeniably greatly influence public opinion. Bollywood stars have been used in marketing campaigns as brand ambassadors to promote and advertise Pakistani Lawn Suit Sets. Some Pakistani fashion designers have also used the same strategy. Bollywood stars have frequently appeared in advertisements and photo sessions during the debuts of their collections, in addition to local Pakistani superstars. Marketing is carried out in accordance with the target audience.

In India, the traditional salwar kameez or yard suits are among the most popular options. The Yard suits of Pakistan, which are exhibited with Pakistan's cultural characteristics and history, have received high admiration from women. Although Pakistani suits are often made of weaving material, the Grass suit is more about computer-generated designs, making it a stylish and laid-back option for Indian women.

Today, leading brands and many online stores carry a wide range of Pakistani suits in various shades and designs. Designers work hard to offer these suits in a wide variety of combinations to meet the needs of their customers.The wonderful colors and their combinations give you a stunningly regal look. The variety of color combinations makes it easy for Indian women to choose a Pakistani suit that suits their traditional needs.

-Posted by Bharat Sarna

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